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Grievance Management

& Corporate Governance

Company's Philosophy on Code of Corporate Governance

TNT's philosophy on corporate governance envisages working towards high levels of transparency, accountability, consistent value systems, and delegation across all facets of its operations leading professionally focused methods and management processes by upholding “Quality” as our end objective. Our brand image and unflinching commitment to “Quality” are intrinsically linked; to reach this desired destination we employ honest and ethical business practices such as operational transparency across all levels, individual accountability, planned delegation across various staff levels and the opportunity for open communication between the staff, management and stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and statutory authorities. Tamilnadu Steel Tubes Ltd. is committed to learn and adopt the best practices of corporate governance.

Grievance Management

The clear framework of our grievance handling mechanism ensures quick redressing of stakeholders’ grievances related to policies. Grievance Handling Mechanism

We have appointed M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Limited (Cameo) to discharge investor service functions on behalf of the company. Cameo is a Registrar and Transfer Agent and one of the well known registrar in India with a vast number of Investor Service Centres across the country. It is entrusted with handling all share related matters viz., transfer, transmission, transposition, nomination, dividend, change of name / address / signature, registration of mandate / Power of Attorney, replacement / split / consolidation of share certificate / demat / remat of shares, issue of duplicate certificates, etc.

We have outlined a framework to ensure a smooth and transparent procedure for interacting with our investors. Our values exude in all our interaction and are enshrined by the principles of corporate governance at TNT.

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